​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Suspension and expulsion increase a student’s risk for disengaging with thei​r learning.  Research indicates that disciplinary consequences are being disproportionately​ applied  to students with disabilities. The information and resources on this page are int​ended to​​​​ raise awareness and support positive changes in disciplinary​ policy and ​practice.​




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​​Nat​ional ​Resources

National Education Policy Center
                                Discipline Policies, Successful Schools, & Racial Justice

US Department of Education
​​ ​​ School Climate and ​Discipline​

                                           FACT SHEET: Equity in IDEA


​The Center for Civil Rights Remedies
                                     Charter Schools, Civil Rights and ​School Discipline​

Suspended Progress: 8 Troubling Facts about Suspension & Expulsion in Virginia Schools

Michigan Resources

Michigan Department of Education Recommends - Suspensions and Expulsions

Supporting Student Behavior - SBE Policy on Seclusion and Res​traint

​Oakland Schools Resources





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Manifestation Determination Review (MDR)

Interim Alternative Education Setting (IAES)

Discip​line Tracking Log