​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sign PostSuspension and expulsion increase a student’s risk for disengaging with thei​r learning.  Research indicates that disciplinary consequences are being disproportionately​ applied  to students with disabilities. The information and resources on this page are int​ended to​​​​ raise awareness and support positive changes in disciplinary​ policy and ​practice.​




Discipline and Students with Disability Video

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​​Nat​ional ​Resources

National Education Policy Center
               Discipline Policies                 Discipline Policies, Successful Schools, & Racial Justice

US Department of Education
​​US Department of Education ​​    School Climate and ​Discipline​

                Equity in IDEA Fact Sheet                    FACT SHEET: Equity in IDEA


​The Center for Civil Rights Remedies
                 Charter Schools, Civil Right and School Discipline                    Charter Schools, Civil Rights and ​School Discipline​

School Suspension
Suspended Progress: 8 Troubling Facts about Suspension & Expulsion in Virginia Schools

Michigan Resources

Michigan Department of Education Recommends - Suspensions and Expulsions

MDE-OSE In School Suspension (ISS)

Policy for the Emergency Use of Seclusion and Restraint  Approved by the State Board of Education March 14, 2017

Emergency Use of Seclusion and PhysicalRestraint Frequently Asked Questions 

​Oakland Schools Resources

Discipline Flow Chart​​

Disciplinary Policy and Students with IEPs



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Manifestation Determination Review (MDR)

Interim Alternative Education Setting (IAES)

Discip​line Tracking Log