Secondary Transition

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Questions SignResources on this page contain information that will assist educators, families and other professionals ​​understand requirements and relevant information regarding secondary transition.​



Oakland Schools Constructing A Meaningful IEP: Secondary Transition



Transition Planning Transition Planning - A Roadmap To Your Future

What Everyone Needs to Know About CTEWhat Ev​eryone Needs To Know About - Career Technical Education (CTE)​

Supporting Students with IEPs in CTESupporting Students With IEPs In Career Technical Education (CTE)


Transition Resources

Oakland County Transition Assistance (OCTA) Moodle


Transition Resource NavigatorTransition Resource Navigator

Transition Assessment Resource Navigator

Transition Assessment Resource Navigator​​

Self Determination Resource Navigator

Self Determination Resource Navigator

Career and Technical Education Resource Navigator

​​Career and Technica​l Education Resource Navigator

Work Based Learning Resource Navigator
​Work Based Learning Resource Navigator

Monitoring & C​​ompliance

B-13 Checklist - 2015

B13 Secondar​y Tran​sition Resources

Measurable Post Secondary Goals NSTTAC Guide​