Added Cost

​Added Cost funding is categorical State Aid to secondary career and technical education programs intended to partially reimburse school districts and area centers for the extra costs associated with CTE programs such as: smaller class sizes, specialized equipment and vocationally certified teachers.

Wh​​at are typical Added Cost reimbursements?

Added cost reimbursements range from approximately $170 per student for a one-hour cosmetology program to $392 per student for a two-hour machine tool program.

What criteria is used to approve funding for an Added Cost program?

To be approved for Added Cost funding a program must meet program criteria including:

  • Instructional Content: the course or courses must align with one of the state-recognized CIP programs (Administrative Guide D-4 thru D-22).

  • Teacher Certification: all teachers must be vocationally certified in the program area or have at least two years of recent and relevant work experience required for annual authorization. (Administrative Guide page E-23)
    Curriculum: the program must address all of the MDE required curriculum standards. (Program Resource Guides)  

  • Program Design: all students who are enrolled in the program should be expected to participate in a course or courses that cover all twelve segments of the curriculum standards. (Administrative Guide D-2)

  • Facility: the program facilities must be readily accessible to all students, comply with safety and environmental standards, and have the minimum number of square feet per student prescribed by MDE. (Administrative Guide E-25)

  • Equipment: all instructional equipment recommended for the program by MDE must be available. (Program Resource Guides) Primary equipment, textbooks and software are expected to be less than five years old. (Administrative Guide E-25)

  • Program Advisory Committee: the program must have an advisory committee that meets at least twice per year with a majority of its members and chairperson from related business and industry. (Administrative Guide E-28)

  • Work-based Learning: each student is required to have at least one work-based learning experience i.e. co-op, capstone, job shadowing, field trip, internship/externship, school-based enterprise, etc. (Administrative Guide E-9) State of Michigan WBL Online Guide  

  • Leadership Activities: the program must offer participation in a student organization, community service, student-led meetings, or competitive events. (Administrative Guide E-29)

  • Post-secondary Alignment: at least one post-secondary option must be available i.e. secondary / post-secondary articulation, concurrent enrollment, direct credit or dual enrollment. (Administrative Guide E-8)

What reports are required for Added Cost programs?

Added Cost requires CTEIS reports including:​

  • 4483 Enrollment and Completion Collection

  • Expenditure Report (4033)

  • Follow-up Report