Phase 1 - Consensus

Consensus is achieved through staff discussions that focus on the need for the initiative and the skills that the staff has for implementing the process.  Consensus-building can be facilitated by examining the data-based compelling need to implement an MTSS framework and/or an administrative directive for this system design.  Consensus indicates that agreement level has been achieved with at least 80% support among the group (i.e., school, grade level, subject area) targeted for implementation. Consensus is not a majority, but rather is an agreement to support implementation. Achieving consensus ensures that the staff understands the data-based need for the process and believes that they either possess the skills or have support for the skill development necessary for successful implementation of the process.

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Tools for Determining a Compelling Need for a 3-Tier Framework & Attending to Consensus

Tools for Creating Professional Learning Communities within a 3-Tier Framework

  • 3-Tier and PLC: A Guided Reading- Powerpoint
  • What is a Professional Learning Community? Article by Richard DuFour (PDF or Word File)
  • Group Norms- Some Examples and Key Ideas

Tools for Aligning and Prioritizing Resources

  • System Wide Success Grid Activity
  • Mapping Current District and Building Initiatives Worksheet
  • Long-Term School Timeline Example
  • Sample RTI-MTSS School Calendar (2014-15 School Year)
  • Schoolwide 3-Tier Framework (Oregon) Example
  • Schoolwide 3-Tier Framework (Oakland County) Example

Tools for Communicating Schoolwide RTI Efforts to Parents

Self-Assessments and Action Planning Tools

  • Common MTSS Implementation Fidelity Measures 
  • Grade-Level or Building Self-Assessment: Example 2
  • Grade-Level or Building Self-Assessment: Example 4
  • Grade-Level Self-Assessment self-graphing Excel File
  • Self-Assessment Summary Page- Example 2
  • Blank Action Plan- Example 2
  • Leadership Team Reflection Guide for Developing Consensus (Day 1) Worksheet