Exploration-RTI MTSS Early Literacy Big Ideas

For MTSS implementation to be successful and sustained across time, it must be a high priority within the school or district. MTSS is no small undertaking and is not likely to be successful if it is added on top of multiple other time-consuming initiatives.  Before launching MTSS implementation, it's useful to look at how this initiative fits, or conflicts, with all other district initiatives. 

In the exploration phase a district or school typically begins by assembling a small team to do the early information gathering and dissemination. Selection of district or school MTSS team members is critical. The team members will most likely become the internal experts in the district, and their support of the initiative will sway others to make a commitment later on in the process.  Other team activities that make up the exploration phase include self-assessment at the school or district level to determine the degree of need for MTSS, evaluation of organizational priorities, assessment of staff readiness to move forward within the current school or district culture, and the development of an assessment plan for the areas to be targeted by the MTSS framework.

Essential Components of MTSS/ RTI 

Leadership Team Readiness Survey