Science Curriculum Information

​​​​Curriculum for Science Education

State of the art science curriculum is aligned to the aims and vision of the NRC Framework for K12 Science Education. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were built upon these principles and will guide new development of resources such as curriculum. The new Michigan Science Standards (MSS), adopted in November 2015, are in fact the NGSS.  See our web page on Michigan's New Science Standards were we provide key ideas about the standards and things to consider while planning changes to science programs.​​

Oakland Science Curriculum
The retiring science standards (GLCE's and HSCE's) have been organized into units and on the Atlas-Rubicon Curriculum Mapping System. These will still be very useful for several years. They were built with a sense of the NGSS vision so they support the transition in instruction that is required. 

All grades and courses have a framework and lesson resources available. Grades K - 7 have detailed lesson packets which can provided day to day support. Grades 5 - 7 also have assessment packets available. Lesson packets are also available for Earth System Science, a high school course commonly offered in 8th grade.