Science Assessment

​​​Science Assessment

​​​It is common to hear teachers say that the promises of the NGSS and the New Michigan Science Standards can never be realized if assessment does not change. To support the transformation of science education to the new vision prescribed by the NGSS we collaborate with district teachers to create a new generation of science assessments. There are two key ongoing assessment development projects, both aim to enhance teacher skill and create resources that may be shared across the county. 

3 Dimensional Performance Assessments

Each June we conduct a 4 or 5 day assessment writing workshop where participants develop a sophisticated performance assessment using a framework adapted from the process explained in Developing Assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards. The products include a set of claims and evidence statements that describe student abilities along with resources to conduct formative assessments and rubrics to score student work. Participants may join an assessment consortium the following year to continue assessment development. Below are two samples from these efforts.

3 Dimensional Item Clusters

The Oakland Science Strategy Team is embarking on a project where we are learning to write 3 dimensional item clusters in a format similar what MDE plans to use on the future science M-Step. Our initial drafts targeted the NGSS Topic Clusters are under review. When ready, samples will be shared here.

Assessment Resources

Developing Assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards​: This book (free for download) described a process for creating performance assessments that measure Three-dimensional Learning of the NGSS. Our OS Assessment Consortium has modified and used this process and template. The work produces sophisticated summative assessments with specific targets for well defined formative assessments that show the way to science proficiency.

​​Science Assessment Item Collaborative​: This site provides and overview and downloads of assessment resources created by WestEd for a collaborative of state superintendents (CCSSO). The science items clusters being created by MDE are based on the Assessment Framework and Item Specifications created by this group. As we work with districts to redesign district or building common assessments we will base design on these documents.