​​​​​​​​​​Oakland Science Strategy Team​

​Our Five Year Plan to Adapt to the NGSS
This group is comprised of district science leaders who are collaborating on strategies that will support schools and teachers in their efforts to realize the vision of the Next Generation Science Standards. The new Michigan Science Standards are wholly comprised of the Next Generation Science Standards​.

Shifting to the NGSS Through Assessment: An Assessment Development Consortium

​The vision of the NGSS will not be realize unless assessment of science at every level changes to focus on the new aims described in the NRC Framework for K12 Science Education. This group is a working consortium of trained Performance Assessment writers who are developing and testing new assessment approaches in the classroom. The products are designed to measure the 3 dimensional learning of the NGSS Performance Expectations.

Modeling Instruction in Michigan

Oakland Schools partners with other members of the Michigan Math Science Center Network, Eastern Michigan University and Oakland University to administer the Modeling Instruction in Michigan Program. Since 2010 we have offered numerous intensive​ three-week workshops for secondary science teachers on Modeling Instruction. This project has been funded by the Math-Science Partnership grant, administered by the Michigan Department of Education. Visit our program website​ for information about upcoming workshops and event.

Elementary Science Networks

Our Oakland Science Curriculum hosts newly designed K-3 units that apply core content to design and engineering projects and also integrate writing based on the Common Core ELA standards. We are currently hosting grade level network meetings where teachers learn to implement the new units.