Reproductive Health Supervisors

​​School districts choosing to implement sex education must have the following:

  • Sex Education Supervisor/Reproductive Health Supervisor – This is the designated person in a school district who oversees the program of instruction. The designated person must be approved by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). The form requires that the candidate have at least one of three requirements (physician, nurse &/or educator). It is a more seamless process if the candidate is within the district. The Sex Education Supervisor form can be found on the MDE website at  

  • Advisory Board Chairs - Two co-chairs must be appointed by the school board to chair the sex education advisory Board, at least one of whom is a parent of a child attending a school operated by the school district. The other co-chair is generally school personnel (health teacher, curriculum director, school nurse). Often the co-chair and Sex Education Supervisor are one in the same.

  • Sex Education Advisory Board (SEAB) - Michigan law requires that school districts choosing to teach sex education must have an advisory board. The SEAB is responsible for the following:

  1. Establish goals and objectives for student knowledge and skills;

  2. Review materials and methods of instruction used and make recommendations to the board of the school district for implementation;

  3. Evaluate, measure and report the attainment of program goals and objectives at least once every two years.


This page is not inclusive of all legal requirements for Michigan districts offering HIV/Sex Education. Please reach out to the Oakland Schools Health Consultan​t for guidance on state mandates and best practices related to HIV/Sex education. All questions on a current local curriculum should be directed to your district sex education supervisor.