Healthy Oakland Partnership - Promoting a healthy lifestyleChristina Harvey, Health Consultant, helps lead the Youth Team, which focuses on supporting Oakland County Schools in helping our students eat healthier and be more active. The team supports evidence based strategies, like Smarter Lunchrooms and Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs through the Fuel up to Play 60 program. More information on the current work of the Youth Team can be found on the Oakland County Health Division website.

Michigan School Health Coordinators Association - MiSHCAChristina Harvey, Health Consultant, serves as the Regional Health Coordinator for Oakland County in the Michigan School Health Coordinators Association (MiSHCA). MiSHCA promotes the health and safety of students, families and school staff using research-based approaches that improve students’ academic and health outcomes. More information on MiSHCA can be found on the website.

Christina Harvey also serves on the following teams:

Project AWARE, an Oakland Schools Mental Health Initiative, that seeks to align community and schools to support mental health awareness and develop a systemic approach to coordinated mental health care for students on a countywide basis.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Michigan Education Policy Action Team (HKHM EPAT), a statewide coalition involved in strengthening health and physical education guidelines in Michigan schools. More information can be found on the HKHM website.