ESL & AARI (Collaborating with AARI Consultant Jill Maneice)

  • Supporting Long Term English Learners through AARI

ESL & ELA (Collaborating with Early Literacy Consultant Dr. Michele Farah & the Oakland Schools Literacy Team)

  • ​Create resources to support English Learners within the English Language Arts curriculum

  • Pilot Guidance for Teachers of English Learners Using Writing Pathways

  • Provide technical assistance and resources regarding English Learners and Michigan's Third Grade Reading Law

ESL/Title III Professional Development Leadership Team​​

​Facilitation of team​ to develop and present four face to face  professional learning workshops:
  • ​​​What do Michigan school leaders need to know about ELs?
  • Teaching Academic Language and Literacy to ELs Using SIOP
  • Essential Literacy Practices for English Learners, Grades K-3 (series)
  • SIOP (series)

Facilitation of team to develop and deliver alternative models of professional learning via webinars, virtual courses and virtual learning modules.

​Math & ESL​ (Collaborating with Math Consultant Gerri Devine)

  • Facilitate Professional Learning for high school EL and mathematics teachers using Language Supports for Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II

  • Collaborate with external reviewers to revise Draft Language Supports for Algebra II

Special Education & ESL​​ (Collaborating with Special Education Consultants Diane Katakowski, Susan Koceski, Steven Whitmore)

  • Provide district-specific support and guidance on case-by-case basis when an English Learner is suspected of having a disability​

  • In-person Professional Learning
  • English Learners with Suspected Disabilities: Guidance Document and Case Studies
  • ​​​​​​​​Virtual Professional Learning
  • Piloting and launching online, self-paced course English Learner: Difference or Disability?
  • ​​​​​​​​​Revision of Oakland Schools Guidance: Big Ideas When Considering a Special Education Evaluation of a Student Learning English as a Second Language​​​​​

Technology & ESL​


  • Facilitate Collaborative Groups
    • English Learner Educator Community
    • English Learner Difference or Disability?
    • Creating Cultures of Thinking for English Learner
    • Book Study: Seven Steps to Separating Difference from Disability (by Catherine Collier)

  • Facilitate On-demand Virtual Courses for Educators of ELs
    • English Learners 101
    • Supporting English Learners in Mathematics
    • Academic Language and English Learners
    • Addressing the Needs of Long-term English Learners
    • Developing Oral Language Proficiency in ELs
    • English Learner: Difference or Disability?
    • What Michigan School Leaders Need to Know About English Learners

Title III Programming Guidance

  • ​​​​​What Michigan School Leaders Need to Know About English Learners
    • Online modules for district use with video elements and accompanying resources

  • Guidance for an Effective Intake Process for English Learners​​
    • ​​Online module for district use with video element and accompanying documents

Title III & Title I (Collaborating with Jan Callis, Title I Consultant/Grant Coordinator)

  • Meaningful consultation support to local districts
  • In-person professional learning series Using Logic Models to Design Programs for Impact

WIDA Assessment Administration Training

​​​​​WIDA ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Online Administration Training

WIDA ACCESS for Kindergarten Administration Training

WIDA Alternate ACCESS Administration Training

WIDA Screener Training