​ESL/Title III Professional Development Leadership Team​​

​Facilitation of team​ to develop and present four face to face  professional learning workshops:
  • ​​​Developing a District Protocol Related to English Learners and Special Education​
  • Formative Assessment & Progress Monitoring for English Learners
  • English Learners: Difference or Disability?
  • Developing Academic Language Proficiency in English Learners (cohort)​
  • SIOP (Sheltered Instruction & Observation Protocol)

​Facilitation of team to develop and deliver alternative models of professional learning:

  • ESL Focus Groups
  • ​ESL Webinar Series

​​Title III Programming Guidance

  • ​​​​​Guidance for Effective Use of ESL Paraprofessionals
    • ​​​Document to support districts in hiring, training, and retaining high quality ESL paraprofessional staff
  • Guidance for an Effective Intake Process for English Learners​​
    • ​​Online module for district use with video element and accompanying documents

​Math & ESL​ (Collaborating with Math Consultant Gerri Devine)

  • Facilitating Pilot and Review of​​ Supports for M​PI Strands for all MAISA Math units in ATLAS for grades 3-8​ & Algebra

Special Education & ESL​​ (Collaborating with Special Education Consultants Diane Katakowski, Susan Koceski, Steven Whitmore)

  • Provide district-specific support and guidance on case-by-case basis when an English Learner is suspected of having a disability​

  • ​​​​​​​​Professional Learning Collaborative Offerings​

  • English Learner: Difference or Disability

  • Developing a District Protocol Related to English Learners and Special Education

  • ​​​​​​​​​Revision of Oakland Schools Guidance: Big Ideas When Considering a Special Education Evaluation of a Student Learning English as a Second Language​​​​​

  • ​​​​Publish and distribute to districts Oakland Schools Guid​​​ance for an Effective Interpretation Process for English Learners and Their Families 

ELA & ESL (Collaborating with Early Literacy Consultant Michele Farrah)

  • ​Create resources to support English Learners within the English Language Arts curriculum
    • Guidance for Teachers of English Learners Using Writing Pathways
    • Guidance for Teachers of English Learners Using the Essential​ Instructional Practices in Early Literacy

Technology & ESL​


  • Facilitate Collaborative Groups
  • Develop & Launch Online Learning Modules
    • ​Developing Oral Language Proficiency in ELs
    • Addressing the Needs of ​​Long Term ELs

​​WIDA Assessment Administration Training

​W-APT Administration Training

​​​​WIDA ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Online Administration Training

WIDA ACCESS for Kindergarten Administration Training

WIDA Alternate ACCESS Administration Training

WIDA Can Do Descriptors Key Uses Edition Training

*NEW WIDA Screener Training