ESL Title III Professional Development Leadership Team

ESL/Title III professional learning opportunities for 2017/2018

Essential Literacy Practices for English Learners, Grades K-3 (series)

November 2, 2017 (full day), December 5, 2017 (full day), February 28, 2018 (evening), & April 18, 2018 (evening)

The Essential Literacy Practices for English Learners, Grades K-3 (series) has been designed as an in depth, year long collaborative opportunity for general education and ESL educators. Educators will participate in two school days and two evenings of deep learning about essential literacy practices to foster academic language development in English Learners, grades K-3. The GELN Essential Literacy Practices documents will be examined and used to plan responsive literacy instruction for K-3 English Learners.

Passionate educators interested in collaborating to make their curriculum, instruction, and assessment more accessible and responsive to the unique needs of English Learners are encouraged to participate in this innovative series!

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Creating a Culture of Thinking with English Learners
April 17, 2018

In this brand new workshop, participants will learn how to cultivate a Culture of Thinking with English Learners. The Eight Cultural Forces that define the classroom will be explored and relevant connections will be made to structuring the classroom environment to support deep learning for English Learners. Specific Visible Thinking Routines and student examples will be shared. Learning will be extended through a Collaboratorium group in miPLACE which will include additional resources, virtual discussion and collaboration, and opportunities to dig deeper into developing a Culture of Thinking with English Learners. 

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Beyond WIDA 101
May 9, 2018

The Beyond WIDA 101 workshop is for educators of English Learners with a foundational understanding of the WIDA instructional framework. Participants will dig deeply into the WIDA instructional framework by:

using WIDA assessment data to plan rigorous and responsive instruction
applying the WIDA tools to differentiate instruction
utilizing the rich resources accessible in the WIDA download library
integrating the WIDA Can Do Descriptors Key Uses Edition into current practices

Following the one day workshop participants will be invited to join in collaborative, ongoing, virtual learning opportunities around these topics.

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ESL Webinars
  • To Be or Not to Be? EL Eligibility (September 12, 2017)
  • Understanding Long Term English Learners (January 18, 2018)
  • In or Out? Exiting Englisih Learners (May 17, 2018)

Virtual Resource Development
  • What Michigan School Leaders Need to Know About English Learners
    • Virtual modules under development in the miPLACE HUB
  • English Learner: Difference or Disability? 
    • Virtual course in development in the miPLACE HUB