College Credit for CTE Coursework


Career technical education high school courses are eligible to receive college credit through a process called articulation.  Participating colleges have agreements and processes in place that eliminate the need to duplicate certain college courses that are similar in content to career technical education courses that are taken in high school.  Many articulation agreements require a student to earn a 3.0 in the high school career technical education course and apply through the college to articulate a certain course(s).  Oakland Schools Technical Campus articulation agreements, resources, college partners, and programs of study can be found at:

Early College

Early College is an opportunity for eligible students to earn a high school diploma combined with a college associate's degree with no tuition cost.  Most early college programs begin in the 11th Grade.  During the 11th and 12th grade year, students take high school classes and college coursework.  Students stay for one additional year beyond their original graduation year.  During this last year students are enrolled full time taking classes on the college campus to complete their associates degree one year early. 

Many technical fields require training beyond high school.  Oakland School Career Focused Education is exploring Early College models that will allow students to earn college certificates and associates degrees in specific technical pathways, preparing them for in demand, high skill careers.  We are planning pathways associated with Industrial Technology and Health Science for Fall, 2016.  Check back for updates regarding the exciting development of Early College programming between Oakland School Technical Campuses & Oakland Community College.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment refers to high school students being enrolled in two separate academic institutions at the same time.  In most cases these institutions are the student's 1) high school/technical education campus and 2) a college.  High School students are taking traditional high school classes and then certain courses through a college to earn postsecondary (college) credit.  Oakland Schools Technical Campuses provide opportunities for dual enrollment in our Advanced Marketing program that is part of the iTEAM cluster.  Oakland Schools Career Focused Education continues to explore other technical programs were dual enrollment opportunities could be developed.