Social Justice


What is the Social Justice?

It is our belief that diversity contributes to excellence in education.  As diversity continues to grow in Oakland County, educators will be challenged to recognize differences, increase interactions across boundaries, handle classroom conflict, facilitate intergroup relations, and continue to provide a positive and safe classroom and school community. ​

Support for Social Justice at Oakland Schools 

The Social Justice Project in Oakland County is designed to grow the collective understanding of social justice and to begin short term initiatives within districts that will continue to provide all students and their families with a safe and welcoming classroom and school community. Educators and students involved in the Social Justice Project gain: 

  • Understanding core concepts of intergroup relations
  • Assessing their social identities and how these identities affect students’ classroom experiences
  • Understanding how students’ social identities affect teaching and learning
  • Developing hands-on practice skills, e.g., creating safe spaces, handling incidents, learning pedagogical techniques for critical thinking and intercultural maturity
  • Applying group process activities to strengthen passion, awareness, skills and knowledge