Mental Health

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What is Mental Health in the Schools?

Good Mental Health is the foundation of learning. We know that students/families that are struggling with mental health issues often need support and resources to assist in living healthy and fulfilling lives in which learning, happiness and appropriate growth occurs.

Reports indicate that upwards of 1 in 5 adult Americans are currently experiencing mental health concerns, and an estimated four million children and adolescents are struggling from serious mental health problems, along with more minor adjustment issues. The National Alliance for Mental Illness estimates that half of all lifetime cases of mental disorders begin by age 14. In any given year it is estimated that only 20 percent of children needing mental health support actually receive it.  These numbers present a serious concern for our youth, community, state and nation.

Unfortunately, mental health problems are sometimes misunderstood by the person experiencing the problem, and or others involved in their lives (family, community, school etc.). Mental healt​h problems can be accompanied by negative feelings such as guilt and shame that keep our children and their families from receiving the support they need.

Support for Mental Health at Oakland Schools

Oakland Schools,  along with many community partners,  feel a sense of urgency in understanding our community's mental health needs and supporting our youth, families, schools and community in this this vital area. A variety of services, support and resources area available in multiple departments throughout Oakland Schools. These services range from basic education, curriculum, prevention programs, data analysis and direct consultation and referral. Ensuring a variety or resources to help address minor to complex issues faced by youth and families in our community is important at Oakland Schools. Please see links for services.