Classroom Culture Series


A new, comprehensive professional learning series is being designed by educators around Oakland County: 

Classroom Culture Series

Blending concepts from important teacher evaluation frameworks and research about "what works", the series is sure to offer something for everyone. Saturdays, half-days, virtual and face to face opportunities will exist.

  • The full day, face-to-face Foundations session is recommended for every reflective practitioner wishing to clarify identity, values and beliefs around teaching and learning. 
  • Responding to Disruptions and the Classroom Environment modules allow educators to look more closely at the cultural forces in their classrooms and how they can support effective interactions and create the culture they desire. 
  • Motivating Reluctant Learners will assist educators in understanding and supporting their most reluctant students; 


Demonstration sites are being identified; opportunities for collaborative inquiry around Classroom Culture are in design. 

Email Mary Perfitt-Nelson for more information.

SAVE THE DATES! Registration links will be made available soon.

Foundations:  The Art (and Heart) of Teaching and Learning 


This two day foundational opportunity for teachers will afford them time to reflect upon their professional identities, assumptions, values and beliefs about teaching and learning. Participants will unpack the belief sets and paradoxes that can negatively impact   professional  growth and job satisfaction. This will set the stage for creating a knowing, teaching and learning community. This opportunity will be the basis for other classroom culture experiences. 

Cohort One:  December 3, 2015 and January 12, 2016

Cohort Two:  March 9, 2016 and March 28, 2016