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UDL Interactive Wheel

Explore the UDL principles, checkpoints, and related resources w​​ithin this wheel. Use the arrows to rotate the wheel. Rest your mouse in the triangle area to see the information and access the resources.​​

Universal Design for Learning UDL at UVM
​​UDL at the University of Vermont

On this site, under the "About UDL" section, check out "Examples of UDL in Practice." Under the "UDL Teaching Resources" check out the "UMV Student Interviews." ​​

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​UDL Interactive Activity​

​Pick between elementary, middle and high school levels and​​ then engage in an online, interactive simulation for considering and applying UDL principles. ​This activity is part of the Maryland Learning Links.​

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UDL Overview Video​

​This short video explores the ways that teachers can use the UDL approach​​ to reach all of their students

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​​UDL Learning Series

​From the National Center on UDL, the UDL Learning Series provides presentation​​​s and res​ources to increase understanding of the UDL framework; enhance utilization of UDL tools, processes, and resources; and support effective UDL implementation.​

​​​UDL Evaluation Design
Applying UDL to Evaluation​

​Short article about using UDL as a framework for guiding the design and evalua​​​tion of curriculum, programs and materials.

Videos that show UDL Principles in the Classroom

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Lesson Idea (Common Core) Exploring Imagery Through Beowulf  (6 min)
Grades 6-8 / ELA / Writing

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Lesson Idea (Common Core)    Theme, Symbolism & Allusion (6 min)     

Grades 6-8 / ELA / Analysis​


Tools to Support UDL

UDL Resource Site
​​UDL Resource Site

​Click on the links near the top of the webpage to access tools for Representation, Expression and Engagement.​

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​​​UDL Toolkit Wiki

​Click on the various topics like Math Tools, Writing Tools, Literacy Tools, etc. to access links to a variety of online and printable tools to support your learners.​​​

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​​E3T Tech for Learning​

​Click on the various links to find resources for alternatives to text, multiple ways to represent information and more.​​​