Oakland Science, Mathematics and Technology Center
​ Michigan Math and Science Centers Network
Oakland Science, Mathematics and TechnologyThe OSMTech Center (Oakland Schools Science, Mathematics and Technology) supports Oakland County schools in their endeavor to maintain excellent science, mathematics and technology programs. The Center is focused on improving student learning through supporting educators.  We do this by developing and providing meaningful professional learning programs for teachers and district leaders that are relevant to their day-to-day work.

The OSMTech Center offers a wide array of professional development opportunities to enhance teacher content mastery and skill in instruction and assessment. OSMTech provides consultation on science and mathematics program design and support in the areas of curriculum alignment, instruction, assessment and the development of collaborative structures where teachers work together to reflect on student achievement and improvements of practice.

The OSMTech Center is one of the 33 regional centers that is a part of the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network. Our goal as a part of this network is to provide leadership, curriculum support, and professional learning to educators in local school districts. The Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network supports the delivery of high quality STEM education for the students of Michigan.  For further information on the Network along with a listing of other centers throughout the state, please visit http://www.mimathandscience.org.

Mission and Vision Statement of the Michigan Mathematics and Science Center Network

Mission Statement
Building tomorrow's citizens by inspiring excellence in mathematics and science education today.

Vision Statement
Michigan will be a national leader in STEM education and every citizen will understand the importance of STEM competency to career and college readiness and the state's economic success. The 33 regional Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers individually and collectively as the MMSCN will provide leadership by:
  • Elevating the awareness of the importance of STEM education in the global economy.
  • Communicating that STEM literacy contributes to every aspect of quality of life in Michigan, including economic development, and making sure that students are well suited for the jobs that await them.
  • Developing programs and tools for K-12 education – including teacher professional learning – that build subject area competence and support STEM literacy.  
  • Establishing a system for consistent delivery of STEM programs.
  • Promoting student interest and increased achievement in STEM subjects.   
  • Driving Michigan efforts to incorporate multi-State standards for STEM education and realize those standards in classrooms across the state. 
  • Cultivating and strengthening relationships with all stakeholders, including state and national organizations and business/industry.
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