Assessment and Evaluation

Data Processing & Analysis

Achievement & Other Educational Data

  • Understanding and using data tools
  • Pearson Inform

Data Use and Understanding

  • Data visualization
  • Understanding differences between student groups
  • Reporting state assessment data (local, county and state comparisons)

Perception Data

  • Data collection
  • Customized survey design
  • Web-based survey creation, hosting, and distribution
  • Paper-based, scannable survey creation, printing, and scanning
  • Reliability, validity, scaling, and data reduction

Program Evaluation


  • Needs assessment
  • Data-enhanced strategic planning          


  • Program fidelity assessment and monitoring
  • Compliance documentation and reporting
  • Data-based program adjustment

Outcomes/Impact Assessment

  • Evaluation design
  • Instrumentation using evidence-based tools and methodology
  • Cross-database integration to evaluate programs based on existing data sources (e.g., MEAP, school attendance, etc.) 

Technical Assistance

  • Planning for and completing the MDE Program Evaluation Tool
  • Meeting evaluation requirements for grant funded programs

Student Assessment & Accountability

Understanding accountability and state assessment systems

  • State Assessments
  • Top-To-Bottom rankings
  • Priority-Focus-Reward
  • Accountability Scorecards

Student Assessment

  • Creating quality classroom and district assessments

County Referent Groups

  • OCREAC (Oakland County Research Evaluation and Assessment Council)

Building a Data Culture

  • Assisting schools and districts with collecting, compiling, analyzing, interpreting local, regional and state data