Application Process

Oakland ACE

Application Process
Eligible students interested in joining the Oakland ACE program must submit applications during the second half of the 10th grade. The application process includes several components including recommendations, an essay, and a standardized test.

Step One: OCC Application and Authorization to Release Information Forms
Oakland ACE Application Part 1
One of the requirements for admission to Oakland ACE is that applicants take OCC placement tests in English and Math and meet minimum requirements for placement into college-level English.  The math score is important for determining math placement at OCC.  In order to take the tests, students must first apply to OCC and receive a student ID number.  This is done by completing and submitting Part 1 of the the ACE application.  Special instructions for completing Part 1 are included with the application forms.  Once the application has been processed, OCC will mail a letter of welcome that includes the ID number and instructions for registering for classes.  Oakland ACE applicants should not mistake that letter for acceptance to the Oakland ACE program.  The letter simply means the applicant is set for placement testing.

Step Two:  Placement Testing
Once the OCC student ID has been received, applicants can make arrangements for placement testing at any OCC campus.  Some campuses have walk-in hours for testing, while others require an appointment.  Information can be found online through the OCC Academic Support Centers.  Applicants can also contact Oakland ACE for assistance with finding a testing site and date. 
For English placement, applicants take the Accuplacer Placement Test.  Prior to testing at OCC, applicants are required to take the Accuplacer Practice Test at home, print the results, and bring them to the actual testing, along with a valid picture ID (high school ID is fine).
For math testing, OCC uses the ALEKS PPL Mathematics Placement Test.  Just as with the English test, OCC requires applicants to first complete an online practice math test before attempting the actual test on campus.  After taking the practice test, applicants receive an initial math placement.  If the placement is too low, applicants are connected to an online preparation program to sharpen their math skills before being allowed to attempt the test again. 
It is very important that applicants prepare and practice for both the English and Math placement tests.  To prepare for the Accuplacer test, applicants should use the Accuplacer Web App and study the Write Placer Samples & Writing Tips. Accessing the practice math test and study materials is a little more complicated.  The ALEKS PPL Practice Test has to be taken first, and then up to six months of free online remediation is available before trying the test again.  OCC has detailed instructions for accessing the ALEKS PPL Practice Test: Click here.
Immediately after completing the placement tests, applicants will receive a printout of their scores.  The printout must be turned in to the high school counseling office for inclusion in the ACE Application Part 2.
Step Three: Oakland ACE Application Part 2
With an English placement of ENG1510, applicants are ready to complete ACE Application Part 2.​

The application includes:
· Information Form
· Parent Agreement
· Essay
· Test Scores
· Recommendations (2)
· Transcript

Applicants work with their high school counselor to assemble all of the pieces of the application packet.

Application deadlines vary by school districts. Applicants should check with their high school counselor for the deadline at their school.

Step Four: District Selection Process
Some school districts may have more applicants than they have spots for in the program. In that case, the district will follow a process for determining which applicants are submitted to the program. Eligible applicants that are not initially given a spot in the program can be placed on a waiting list.

Districts submit completed application packets to Oakland ACE.

Step Five: Review and Acceptance
Oakland ACE reviews all applications sent by school districts to confirm eligibility, and sends acceptance notices to students and schools.