Application Process

Eligible students interested in joining the Oakland ACE program must submit applications during the second half of the 10th grade. The application process includes several components including recommendations, an essay, and a standardized test.

Step One: 

OCC Application/Authorization to Release Information Form/Survey


  1. Receive permission to apply from your High School
  2. Attain an OCC ID Number (needed for Step Two)
  3. Authorize OCC to coordinate your records with the ACE Program


  1. Print and complete Oakland ACE Application Part 1
  2. Submit to your high school counseling office for signature and forwarding to the Oakland ACE program.

DEADLINE:  Part 1 is due March 1, 2018.  Later applications are processed in the order received.

Step Two:



Demonstrate readiness for college-level reading and writing.  Placement in ENG1510 (Composition I) is required for acceptance into the Oakland ACE Program.


1. Take the mandatory Accuplacer (Reading) Practice Test online (20 multiple choice questions)

2. Print results and bring when taking the actual Accuplacer test at OCC

3. Use diagnostic score report from the practice test to identify areas for improvement

4. Use Accuplacer Web App to prepare for the test. Applicants must score at least 60 out of 120 on the reading test to qualify for ACE (with a minimum score of 6 on the writing test).

5. Prepare for WritePlacer (Writing) Test by studying the WritePlacer Guide with Sample EssaysApplicants must score at least a 5 out of 8 on their essay to qualify for ACE (with a minimum score of 80 on the reading test).
6. Practice writing 5-paragraph essays using the 5-Paragraph Essay Template and the WritePlacer Sample Essay Topics

    • Best practice is to choose two of the three sample topics and write a 5 paragraph essay for each.

    • Ask a teacher, friend, or relative to give you feedback.

    • Essays are not scored on content or correctness of opinion, but solely on the ability to write in a 5 paragraph format

    • It is essential that applicants write a 5 paragraph essay on the test (not 4…not 3… not 2 or 1)

7. Make arrangements to take Accuplacer/Writeplacer at OCC

    • Testing is available at any OCC campus.  Information can be found online through the OCC Academic Support Centers.  Applicants can also contact Oakland ACE for assistance with finding test sites and dates

    • Bring a picture ID (high school ID is fine) and your practice test results when going to take the tests

    • Applicants will receive a printout of their scores at the completion of the tests


Placement testing must be completed by the end of March.  However, opportunities for retakes and for late applicants continue until the program is full.  Your high school could have its own deadline for testing to be complete.  Check with your counselor.

Step Three:



1. Demonstrate eligibility for the program

2. Provide applicant and family contact information

3. Acknowledge parental support for enrollment in all 3 years of the program

4. Expression of applicants college and career goals
5. Receive recommendations for enrollment from high school staff
6. Provide a copy of your high school transcript


1. After earning qualifying scores on the placement test, work with your high school counselor to assemble all of the pieces of Oakland ACE Application Part 2 which includes: 

  • Information Sheet
  • Parent Signature Form
  • Essay
  • Two Recommendation Forms
  • High School Transcript

2. High School forwards application to Oakland ACE program


Application deadlines vary by school district. Applicants should check with their high school counselor for the deadline at their school.  High schools should submit approved applications by April 27, 2018.

Oakland ACE reviews all applications sent by school districts to confirm eligibility, and sends acceptance notices to students and schools.