School and Student Programs

‚ÄčIn order to save local districts money and provide programming that might not otherwise be possible without the cost efficiencies of a regional approach, Oakland Schools provides the following student programs.

Accelerated College Experience (ACE) is an early college program for students in participating Oakland County districts. The program is designed for those facing challenges to college enrollment and success. Oakland ACE offers students the opportunity, guidance, and support to earn an associates degree, or up to 60 transferrable credits, while still in high school.

Graduation Alliance is a nationwide program that works directly with local districts to identify, recruit and re-engage students who cannot or will not attend school regardless of the reason.  The Graduation Alliance team works in conjunction with local districts to provide the most challenging students the opportunity to complete local graduation requirements and earn their high school diploma. 

The Oakland Opportunity Academy (OOA) offers a unique environment for you to receive your diploma, plus the technical, academic, and workplace skills necessary for your career and college preparation.

Oakland Schools Student Foreign Exchange Program (OSSFEP) provides services to the local school districts in Oakland County that want to provide an international cultural experience for foreign high school students.

Virtual Learning Academy Consortium provides a flexible, rigorous and innovative virtual learning option for families with students in grades K-8, who choose a home-based learning environment for their children.