System Applications

​PolyPlot The Next Generation

PolyPlot Next Generation provides a unique, powerful tool that enables a district to analyze student information interactively and graphically on a computerized map.

A common goal in school districts is to transport students safely and efficiently while maintaining quality service. PolyPlot Next Generation Mapping System provides a unique and powerful tool designed for school districts to analyze student information interactively and graphically.

The transportation office can develop and maintain complete, detailed route schedule information. For school district administrative planning, PolyPlot Next Generation can be used in building/classroom utilization studies, boundary analysis, voting precinct information or any other map-oriented study.

Polyplot Next Generation:

PolyPlot Next Generation Training Schedule (click here) 

Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager© is an office management system designed for a maintenance/repair facility. The system is designed to handle a wide variety of functions and will maintain vehicle information and fleet maintenance history, showing the cost to keep a vehicle on the road.

The system maintains all your pertinent maintenance information for quick and easy referencing. You will be able to track items such as equipment and inventory, fuel consumption, purchase history, cost accounting and maintenance history.

​Driver Certification

Driver Certification is an essential tool for school district transportation departments;  allowing managers to keep necessary employee and certification information.

It is specifically designed to track the expiration dates of required certified areas.

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