Transportation Supervisors

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Transportation Expenditure Reporting

  • SE-4094 Transportation Expenditure Report
    • SE-4094 Instructions
    • SE-4094 Template and Data Analysis Form
  • SE-4107 School Bus Inventory
    • SE-4107 Instructions


  • Mandated Supervisor Education
    • 2012-2016 Transportation Supervisor Continuing Education Resources/Manuals
  • OCSBO Transportation Supervisor Meeting Schedule
  • Training Videos/Child Safety Restraint Systems in School Buses
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-guidelines for selecting school bus stops
  • Oakland Schools Transportation Library (DVD/Video)
  • When Do Drivers Need to RE-take a Road Test (run as a slide show for Q&A)
  • Oakland County Transportation Supervisor Contacts
  • NOAA National Weather Service-Wind-chill Chart
  • CDL Self and Medical Certification
  • DOT Physical School Bus Driver Essential Functions (YouTube)
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
    • Post Accident Testing Time Table
    • Request for DOT testing information from previous employer
    • FMCSA Part 382
  • MSP School Bus Inspection Manual 2013
  • School bus driver certification and credentials grid
  • MDE MDOT Certification Transportation Fees Q&A