Custom Personalized Calendars

Oakland Schools Production Printing & Graphics (PP&G) is pleased to offer personalized 2018 photo calendars for our customers. 

Calendar header 2018.png

These are full-color, 12-month, saddle-stitched, calendars that show the events on the days that the you want; e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.


You can choose between a calendar template that is pre-loaded with traditional holidays or a blank template version with no holidays.

These calendars are easily customizable and simple to order.

1)    Choose the template that you prefer from the two files on our site. (Right click and "save link as")

Blank Calendar.pdf

Calendar holidays.pdf

2)    Add the events of your choosing;

    1. Left click on the date
    2. Type the event information
    3. Adjust the location of the information, in the date area, by placing your cursor in front of the first letter and clicking "Enter". This will move it down to the bottom.
    4. If you continue to hit the "enter" key, it will reduce the size of the type on that date.

3)    Save the file with your name as part of it. E.g. Smith-calendar

4)    Gather the 13 photos that you want to use. Please submit them in a JPEG file type.

    1. Rename and save each file with your name and the sequence number;    e.g. Smith-Cover; Smith-Jan; Smith-Feb, etc.
    2. You can submit Portrait or Landscape photos. Portrait will have white on the sides, as we will fit them top to bottom


5)    Email the template file and 13 photos to

  • Due to potential file size you may need to use a 3rd party application such as Dropbox to submit your file(s)

6)    Let us know how many copies you'd like. The first one is $20 with additional copies at $15 each.

7)    Upon order placement, we will email an invoice to you which you may pay via credit card. That is the only payment type we will accept.

Questions? Call 248-209-2150 or email to us at