Oakland County School Purchasing Officials (OCSPO)

‚ÄčThe Oakland County School Purchasing Officials (OCSPO) is a collective group representing Oakland Schools, 28 public school districts, and a number of other private and charter schools within Oakland County.  OCSPO conducts bids for the participating school districts in order to obtain better pricing on products that are universally purchased by all districts.  To participate in OCSPO bids, members pay an annul fee.  If you are currently not a member and would like to participate, contact Angela Gomez at 248.209.2514.  Memberships are renewed annually in July.

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> 2017-18 OCSPO bid awards

Bid and contact information for all OCSPO bids can be found on the Oakland Schools Cooperative Contracts Network http://www.cooperativecontracts.com

Please note the vendor terms and conditions that are noted on the award document

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If you have any questions regarding the OCSPO bids,  please contact:

Oakland Schools

2111 Pontiac Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328

Angela Gomez, 248.209.2514