​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Staff Training provided by Oakland Schools Medicaid Department

​Training resources available on this website​

​There is a resource page available for all of the billing groups.

Each page contains the following information in regards to their provider type:

"Medicaid Billing AT A GLANCE" - this is a two page document for staff to use as a quick guide on who to bill for, whether to use a billable or no billable procedure code, and when to bill.

"Medicaid School Based Services Guide" - this document contains more detailed information on how to submit the billing and the documentation required.

"Service Tracker Input Guidelines" - this document contains screen by screen shots of the MISTAR billing process.

"Tip Sheets" - these documents contain a listing of procedure codes for that provider along with descriptions and examples.

"Training Videos" - COMING SOON - your OS Medicaid Team is currently working on training videos that will guide you step by step through the service tracker billing process​.