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MGS Application Form 2017-2018

MGS 2017-2018 Application Process ‚Äč

First Steps


Send an email to the MI Green Schools Coordinator for all of Oakland County. Send your school name, address, main contact name, email address and phone number. This will get your school on the official email list for all program news/updates and awards ceremony information.


Review the new categories, two activities per category need to be completed along with two additional activities to be designated a MI Green School (10 points). Additional activities may be completed to attain the the advanced designations of Emerald (15 points) and Evergreen (20+ points).


Decide your plan of attack; recruit multiple staff members, parent volunteers, and community partners to help get your committee rolling.

Print off the 2017 - 2018 application template (or create your own) to help log all activities as your team completes them.

Upon completion of all activities, fill out the online application, print a copy for yourself and click on the submit button to send the application to Oakland Schools. Photos and videos are optional, please send them in to Oakland School in c/o Debby Dunn (on a CD or thumb drive).

We would love to get photos from each school to use at the April 2018 Awards Ceremony and in future MGS publications. We are asking for videos to be sent in and would like to feature these videos and the students in the videos at the Spring Awards Ceremony! So start thinking of which activities you could tape your students working at!

If photos and/or videos are submitted please print off the media release form (see right side column), get the proper signatures, scan the signed formed, and email to the MGS Coordinator. Pictures/release form can be included in the online application, emailed, mailed (use above address), or dropped off at Oakland Schools on or before the awards ceremony.

All applications are due by March 1, 2018.

Final Steps

Wait for a confirmation of accepted application.

In April, receive an invite to awards ceremony in April 2018, email RSVP.

Celebrate your team's accomplishments at the award ceremony in April.