Our Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Livescan Fingerprinting​​

Oakland Schools provides backgrounds checks using the Livescan printing method.  Before making an appointment, please be sure you have been given the Fingerprint Request Form from the district or agency, (State of Michigan, Edustaff, PESG, etc.), that are requesting the Livescan background check. We are unable to do ink prints or background checks for out of state professions.


Currently, we are able to provide services for:

  •  Adult Foster Care
  • Day Care Home Licensing
  • Dept. of State, Bureau of Auto Reg.
  • Dept. of State, Driver Education Certification
  • Federal Child Care Act
  • Health Care Employment
  • Home for the Aged Licensing
  • Licensed Heath Care Professional
  • Michigan School Employment
  • NCPA – Child Protection Employment
  • NCPA/VCA – Child Protection Volunteer
  • Private Detective
  • Private Security Guard
  • Private Security and Investigator License
  • Third Party Tester
  • State Bar License


We CANNOT provide services for:

  • Any profession requiring an ink print
  • Adoption
  • Criminal Justice Employment (See County Police Dept.)
  • Carry Pistol License
  • Name change
  • Out of State Employment


If you do not see the profession listed above that you need a Livescan Background Check for, please call the office to verify we are able to fulfill your request.