Asbestos and Pesticide Advisory

​​​​​​​Asbestos Management Plan

The Asbestos Management Plan for Oakland Schools is available for review by all employees and community members.

Oakland Schools has conducted an extensive asbestos survey of all of our buildings. Based on the findings of this survey, a comprehensive management plan was drafted. This plan details the response actions that Oakland Schools has taken, and will be taking, regarding asbestos containing materials found in our buildings. 

The Oakland Schools Office and Conference Center is "asbestos free." During the 2014/2015 fiscal year the following asbestos containing building materials have been removed at the Oakland Schools Technical Campuses:

  • Northeast Campus - None removed
  • Northwest Campus - None removed
  • Southeast Campus - None removed
  • Southwest Campus - None removed

This plan is available for inspection at Oakland Schools and each of the Oakland Technical Center Offices without cost or restriction during normal business hours. If you would like to review the asbestos management plan or receive a personal copy, please notify Facility Manager, Charles Smith at 248.209.2132 and one will be supplied to you within five (5) working days at a cost of $.30 per page.

Oakland Schools is located at 2111 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48328-2735.

We have endeavored to make our schools a safe place in which students can learn. Our procedures for dealing with this problem reflect that concern.

​Charles L. Smith

Facility Manager

Designated Person

Pesticide Advisory to All Parents

As part of Oakland Schools pest management program, pesticides are occasionally applied. You have the right to be informed prior to any pesticide application made to the school grounds and buildings. In certain emergencies, pesticides may be applied without prior notice, but you will be provided notice following any such application. If you need prior notification or have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Facility Manager, Charles Smith at 248.209.2132. Listed below are the scheduled monthly visits from the pesticide management company:

  • Northeast Campus 4th Tuesday of every month
  • Northwest Campus 4th Tuesday of every month
  • Southeast Campus 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • Southwest Campus 2nd Thursday of every month
  • Office and Conference Center 4th Tuesday of every month

July 21, 2015​