School Social Workers

School social workers are professionals who hold a Master's degree in Social Work and have unique training and experience specific to working in schools and/or with children. This training includes special education law, school law, and systems theory. They understand the interrelatedness of various systems such as: education, juvenile justice, family/children's health, mental health, and child protective services.

School social workers provide an ecological approach to insuring student success. They assist children and families by examining those factors in the home, school and/or community that are impacting a student's educational success and then assist in reducing those barriers to learning. These barriers may include but are not limited to: truancy, pregnancy, alcohol and other drug abuse, suicide and sudden death, child abuse and neglect, school safety, violence, basic family needs, economic factors, behavioral difficulties, social competencies, bullying, divorce, mental health concerns, and learning factors such as special education needs.

Additionally, school social workers assist students in improving interpersonal relationships, coping with difficult and crisis situations, developing self-esteem and self-discipline, learning problem solving and conflict resolution skills, and developing age-appropriate social skills.

School Social Work Consultation Services

The school social work consultant at Oakland Schools provides guidance and technical assistance for Oakland County school social workers. Oakland Schools' assistance is designed to support school social workers in their ability to improve student achievement and engagement in order to close the performance gap of students with and without IEPs.

A variety of supports are provided to school social workers by the school social worker consultant:

School Social Work MiPlace Community of Practice Page:

The SSW COP MiPlace provides information and resources to school social workers regarding assessment, plan development, intervention, and community resource engagement. Within the Moodle, school social workers are able to utilize the Oakland County School Social Worker Directory and the discussion boards to network with other school social workers. More information coming soon.

Social Work Professional Lending Library

Oakland County school social workers may borrow materials, assessment tools, and student equipment for up to 30 days. Please contact or 248.209.2058 to checkout materials via our web-based system.

School Social Work List Serve

The school social work list-serve provides opportunities for school social workers to inquire about and share information and resources. To be added, please click here.

Socio-Emotional Progress Notes and Monitoring using Google Forms

This special project was formed to assist school social workers in improving their efficiency in recording keeping and monitoring student progress. Visit our webpage here. It features tips for using Google Forms and some example forms. Join our Google Community here. You may also submit forms to share by e-mailing the link to

School Social Work Community of Practice/Networking Events

Held once this year,  this event provides opportunities for information and resource sharing between social workers from various districts according to interest level. Events include the sharing of assessment tools and strategies, direct and indirect programs and activities, and community resources. Special topics are also introduced and developed. Next event is on election day, November 3, 2015.  For more information, please go to:

Professional Learning at Oakland Schools

Please see the side bar for 2015-16 Oakland Schools' professional learning opportunities for school social workers. These events have SW-CEH applications in process. For a printable copy click here.

Technical Assistance and Supports

Consultation and coaching related to school social work practice is available to individuals, social work departments and professional learning committees. Special meetings for public school academies are held several times a year.

Social Work Resources 

​Continuing Education and Licensing

CE Requirements and Questions

State of Michigan License Verification 

State of Michigan License Renewal

​Community Resources

24 Hour Crisis/Common Ground

Oakland County Community Resources

Macomb County Community Resources

Professional Organizations

American Council for School Social Work

School Social Work Association of America

Michigan Association of School Social Workers