School Improvement Team

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The School Improvement Team

Supports educators in understanding and implementing processes, programs, and policies related to improving  student, staff and school performance.  Consultants support schools and districts in moving beyond "the plan" to "living" the plan and measuring the impact on students.  Services are delivered through regional and site-based  professional learning activities such as workshops,  referent group meetings, district- and school-based consultation and technical assistance. 

Articulating and Leading Continuous Improvement Processes

School Improvement Process/District Improvement Process

School Accountability and Reform


Designing, Implementing, Evaluating 

Federal/State Programs

  • Title I & II Programs
    • Title I Targeted Assistance Programs
    • Title I School-wide Programs
  • Section 31a
  • On-site Review Preparation
  • Policies/Procedures
  • Program Evaluation

MI Excel State System of Support

  • Title I Regional Assistance Grant
  • MI Excel Service Planning
  • Site-based Services
    • Priority Schools:
      • District Intervention Specialists
      • School Improvement Facilitators
      • Instructional and/or Content Coaches
    • Focus Schools: District Improvement Facilitators
  • Instructional Learning Cycle
  • Surveys of Enacted Curriculum
  • ERS Resource Check

Educating Leaders and Influencing State/Federal Education Policy

Representatives on State Advisory Groups/Professional Organization Board

  • OEII
  • Michigan Association of State/Federal Program Specialists
  • School Improvement Facilitators Network

Referent Groups