Student Engagement Team


fab.jpgJulie McDaniel, Stephanie Barlow, Jay B. Marks, Karen Gomez, Mary Perfitt-Nelson​​

The Student Engagement Team

"​We will optimize student engagement in support of high levels of learning.​"
Sitting within the Department of School Quality, the Student Engagement Team is focused on the context in which teaching and learning occurs and the quality of the overall experience for students.  Consultants with diverse experiences come together to support Oakland County staff interested in creating environments that  intentionally nurture the gifts each student, teacher, administrator and support person brings to the table. 
Consultation, resources and professional learning available.  Engaged students are the goal!

Stephanie Barlow, Project Assistant

Karen Gomez, Mental Health and Project Aware

Dr. Jay B. Marks, Social Justice and Cultural Competence

Dr. Julie McDaniel, Social Emotional Learning

Mary Perfitt-Nelson, School and Classroom Culture​

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