Research, Evaluation and Assessment Team

​​​​​REA.JPGThe Research, Evaluation & Assessment Team

Assists schools in locating and using data appropriately and effectively, creating balanced assessment systems, and evaluating educational programs, activities, and initiatives, in order to support and maintain district and school quality.

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Data Processing & Analysis

Achievement & Other Educational Data

  • Understanding and using data tools
  • Pearson Inform

Data Use and Understanding

  • Data visualization
  • Understanding differences between student groups
  • Reporting state assessment data (local, county and state comparisons)

Perception Data

  • Data collection
  • Customized survey design
  • Web-based survey creation, hosting, and distribution
  • Paper-based, scannable survey creation, printing, and scanning
  • Reliability, validity, scaling, and data reduction

Program Evaluation


  • Needs assessment
  • Data-enhanced strategic planning          


  • Program fidelity assessment and monitoring
  • Compliance documentation and reporting
  • Data-based program adjustment

Outcomes/Impact Assessment

  • Evaluation design
  • Instrumentation using evidence-based tools and methodology
  • Cross-database integration to evaluate programs based on existing data sources (e.g., MEAP, school attendance, etc.) 

Technical Assistance

  • Planning for and completing the MDE Program Evaluation Tool
  • Meeting evaluation requirements for grant funded programs

Student Assessment & Accountability

Understanding accountability and state assessment systems

  • State Assessments
  • Top-To-Bottom rankings
  • Priority-Focus-Reward
  • Accountability Scorecards

Student Assessment

  • Creating quality classroom and district assessments

County Referent Groups

  • OCREAC (Oakland County Research Evaluation and Assessment Council)

Building a Data Culture

  • Assisting schools and districts with collecting, compiling, analyzing, interpreting local, regional and state data