Instructional Leadership Team

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The Instructional Leadership Team

Designs, facilitates & supports opportunities for instructional leaders to...


  • Network with other educators 
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions for leading individuals and systems
  • Support the implementation of effective leadership practices
  • Access leadership resources (e.g. professional organization resources & offerings)
  • Advocate for the advancement of public education
  • Build capacity of instructional leaders to grow and sustain new leaders
  • Develop positive culture & climate
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication

…with a focus on quality learning and instruction for ALL


Join CoT Oakland on mi PLACE 

mi PLACE is a virtual platform for professional learning and collaboration sponsored by Oakland Schools ISD. Log in requires a Google account (school-based or personal). Professional educators actively and directly engaged in K12 education are welcome to join.

To log in for the first time:

  1. ​Before going to mi PLACE, use your browser to log in to your school (or personal) Google account. This is the Google account you'll use in the mi PLACE community.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the red Google button to log in, use your school email address and network password (or personal Gmail address and password).
  4. Give mi PLACE permission to use your Google username for mi PLACE.
  5. Complete the profile screen - including your city, district, role, and picture.
  6. Be sure to set your default settings for receiving individual emails versus a daily email digest from mi PLACE, as well as your preferences for forums notifications and subscriptions. These are some of the first fields on the profile screen.

    Search for a specific group in the Collaboratorium to join:

  7. Click on the green tab for the Collaboratorium.
  8. Click "Search for Groups."
  9. Use the search fields to find the CoT Oakland group
    1. Group Name - type in a keyword from the group's name CoT Oakland, or
    2. Group Creator - type in the first name of the group's creator
  10. Click on the group name to request to join.
  11.  If this is a Private group, the group owner will approve or deny your request and then you can enter the group (or not). CoT Oakland is Public so you just click JOIN and you're in!
  12. Post an introductory message and if you have a topic or a question you'd like to pursue, please start a discussion.

The groups you are a member show up on both the "Collaboratorium" page and the "My Learning" page when you log in for easy future access.​