​​​​​​​Learning Services

​​Dr. Michael Yocum, Executive Director​248.209.2037
​Melinda Garza Moran, Department Assistant​248.209.2315

Accelerated College Experience (ACE)​

​Jim Troost, Acce​lerated​ College Experience Program Director​248.209.2396
Rachel DeYoung​, Early College Student Support Coordinator​248.209.2420
​Kim Mason, Project Assistant​248.209.2025


Alternative Education 

​​Dr. Marlana Krolicki, Alternative Education Consultant​​248.668.5678

Curriculum Production

​Kelly Carey, Curriculum Production Consultant​248.209.2016
​Heather Curton, Curriculum Production Consultant​248.209.2394
​Diane Trawick, Project Assistant​248.209.2336


Educational Technology​

​​Kim Clarke, Project Assistant​248.209.2174
​​​Laura Cummings, Educational Technology Consultant​248.209.2283
Mark Hansen, Media Production & Distance Learning Manager​248.209.2059
Sue Kiersey, Project Assistant​248.209.2152
Kim Kocsis, Project-Based Education Curriculum Consultant​248.209.2287
​Judy Nichols, Education Technology Consultant​248.209.2080
Andrea Zellner, Technology Integration Specialist​248.209.2001

English Language Arts/Literacy​

​​Kim Adragna, Project Assistant​248.209.2195
​Delia DeCourcy, Literacy Education Consultant​248.209.2104
Dr. Michele Farah, Literacy Education Consultant​248.209.2151
​Les Howard, Literacy Education Consultant​248.209.2542
​Jill Jessen, Reading Intervention Consultant (AARI)​248.209.2193
Susan Wilson-Golab, Literacy Education Consultant​248.209.2510


ESL/Bilingual Education​

Deb Delowery, Project Assistant​248.209.2003
Suzanne Toohey, English as a Second Language/Title III Consultant​248.209.2070


Fine Arts​

​Hedy Blatt, Fine Arts Education Consultant​248.209.2199
Kim Mason, Project Assistant​248.209.2025


​Health and Physical Education​

​Christina Harvey, Health Curriculum Consultant​248.209.2413
Sue Kiersey, Project Assistant​248.209.215

​​The Information Center and Library Media Services​​​

Judy Hauser, Information Media Consultant​248.209.2371
​Diane Trawick, Project Assistant​248.209.2336



​Geraldine Devine, Mathematics Education Consultant​248.209.2360
Dr. Dana Gosen, Mathematics Education Consultant​248.209.2328
Valerie Mills, Mathematics Education Consultant​248.209.2586
Marie Smerigan, Mathematics Education Consultant​248.209.2491
Lyn Weber, Project Assistant​248.209.2405

Oakland Opportunity Academy 

Dr. Marlana Krolicki, Dean​248.668.5678
​Martin Kaye, Assistant Dean​248.668.5665
Stephanie Rheaume, Project Assistant​248.668.5679


​Mike Gallagher, Science Education Consultant​248.209.2234
Janet Thomas, Project Assistant​248.209.2028

Social Studies

​Amy Bloom, Social Studies Education Consultant​248.209.2005
​Deb Delowery, Project Assistant​248.209.2003
Christopher Lee, Instructional Consultant​248.209.2275
Stacie Woodward, Social Studies Education Consultant​248.209.2027

World Languages​

​Deb Delowery, Project Assistant​248.209.2003
​Irma Torres, World Languages Education Consultant​248.209.2055