Community Programs and Special Projects

​Community Programs works collaboratively with Oakland County schools, families and communities to provide the following services:

  • Homeless Student Education Services identifies and serves homeless students across Oakland County to comply with the federal McKinney-Vento Law.  This law assures homeless students receive coordination to remove barriers to continuous school attendance and achievement.  Department staff coordinate and train district personnel and provide dispute resolution and mediation through Oakland County Consortium leadership.   The department also serves as central repository for countywide database of all homeless youth.  Professional development on legal and practical implementation of the federal McKinney-Vento Law, and best practices involving the education of homeless student services is provided.  

  • Wraparound Student Services provides intensive service coordination and facilitation to keep students who have severe emotional disturbances and are involved with multiple systems across the county in their own homes while attending their own schools and closing previous achievement gaps. Coordination and collaboration with community partner agencies, professional development on trauma and Tier III supports is also available.

  • Immigrant and Refugee Student Services provides systemic consultation and coordination to the immigrant, asylee and refugee community of students of Oakland County to increase, stabilize and maximize their school attendance and achievement.  Through consortium leadership and strong community partnership, students and families are connected with a wide range of supports to facilitate academic achievement and emotional security. Professional development related to trauma and loss, compliance and monitoring and community services are provided.

  • Youth and Foster Care help ensure seamless coordination for the students involved in the foster care system of Oakland County, with the goal of maximizing graduation for this high risk population.

  • Mental Health and Project AWARE coordination of the Oakland Schools Project AWARE grant seeks to align community and schools to support mental health awareness and develop a systemic approach to coordinated mental health care for students on a countywide basis.

  • Suicide Prevention efforts are coordinated in collaboration with the Oakland County Suicide Prevention Taskforce through this department.  Materials, best practices, professional development and speakers are all available.

  • Hunger and Food Insecurity coordination of food initiatives across the county for districts is coordinated through a countywide consortium  involving schools, communities and business leaders in an effort to come together and work to reduce hunger for the students of Oakland County.