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 Who We Are

Oakland Schools, one of 56 intermediate school districts (ISDs), was established in Michigan in 1962. ISDs are regional service agencies that offer support services to school personnel that are best delivered regionally, as measured by cost, size and quality advantages. Oakland Schools is an autonomous, tax-supported public school district governed by Michigan General School Laws.

Our mission

Oakland Schools: Learning today. Transforming tomorrow.


Our beliefs

We believe:


  • It’s about service.
  • Students form the lens through which our best educational decisions are made.
  • All students can and will learn.
  • Collaboration builds understanding.
  • Education is a shared responsibility.
  • Our success depends upon our employees.
  • Change is opportunity.
  • Lifelong learning is a key to lifelong success.
  • Effective relationships are powerful.
  • Differences expand our thinking.
  • Visionary leadership creates a dynamic environment.
  • We must develop leaders for tomorrow.
  • Ethical behavior is everyone’s responsibility.


 We believe

​Our credo

Service, expertise, and excellence form the foundation of Oakland Schools. We prepare students to be meaningful contributors in a diverse society. Continuous learning drives our efforts to support local districts and the community while fostering a global perspective. Organizational strength and effectiveness come from inclusion, advocacy, innovation, and leadership. We share responsibility for leading the Oakland County educational community.​

We believe our first responsibility is to the educators of Oakland County, their students and families. We believe that all students can learn, and will, given the right resources and time. Our services, products, tools, and knowledge are focused to support high levels of student achievement, maximize resources and meet compliance obligations. Through visionary leadership and inclusive relationships, we develop regional capacity for the continuous improvement of student learning.

​We believe every employee can be highly productive. We support ongoing learning by providing necessary tools and resources. We hold one another to a high standard of professionalism, respect, integrity, and fairness. Together, we embrace a culture that promotes ideas and innovation as it encourages creativity and fun. We deliver high quality service as we advocate for every child.

​We collaborate with the Oakland County community and develop strong partnerships with all levels of government, business, social agencies, and education to enhance the quality of life in this region. These collaborations strengthen teaching and learning and increase opportunities for Oakland County students as they graduate to a global economy. For all those with whom we work and whom we serve, we pledge to partner in practices that honor collaboration, responsible stewardship of public resources, transparent business practices and ethical behavior.